An Introspective Journey

The album title track and it's first to be released single ‘New York Knock’ tells the compelling story of Marius’ experience of moving to New York City after being born and raised in a tiny village in the northern part of the Netherlands. ‘Knock’ serves as a synonym for ‘wake up call’, symbolizing Marius’ realization of the vibrant music culture in New York and how that has changed him and his playing. ‘It is also a reminder to myself to keep going out, meet new musicians, play together and to listen to music. New York is a place where you can get life changing opportunities if you’re at the right place and time.’ The song features master jazz trumpeter Sean Jones. 

After making a name for himself among jazz enthusiasts worldwide with his previous album "Blauw," featuring Jeff 'Tain' Watts and Ingrid Jensen, Marius’ album "New York Knock" promises to take his career to even greater heights. What makes this album stand out is Marius distinct style of composition along with a personal story woven into each song. This combined with the exceptional musicianship results in a truly unique and memorable musical voyage. 

The album release accompanied by the album release concert took place on January 14th ’24 at a sold out Dizzy’s Club, Jazz at Lincoln Center.



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